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FACT: Approximately 75% of human waste is made of water. While we might typically think that urine is the liquid part of human waste products, the truth is that what we consider solid waste is actually mostly water as well. You should be thankful that most waste is fairly water-filled, as drier harder stools are what cause constipation and are much harder and sometimes painful to pass.

Teeth Diagram With Numbers Eruption

To help reduce the risk of heart disease in general, the College or university of Arizona recommends among 25 and 35 grms of fiber a day. Since many fruits in addition contain fiber, mixing a chocolate bar, apple or even prune into a bowl of a serving can enhance the soluble fiber content from 6th to twelve g per serving size. Including about – 5 oz . or a couple of almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans, pine nut products or walnuts can also bring up fiber count. However , make sure to eat only unsalted peanuts.

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