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FACT: It can be the sound of your digestive juices churning and stomach muscles contracting as they get prepped for food. To avoid those often poorly timed and embarrassing sounds, eat smaller meals more frequently. Bonus health benefit: This will also jumpstart your metabolism.—MD advisers from The Doctors. Beware of these myths about the human body that could damage your health.

Human Stomach Label Names Image Human Body

A half-cup associated with beans every day will keep your personal heart inside optimal design, according to Georgia-based nutritionist Doctor Keith Kantor. “Soluble dietary fiber is a essential reason why pinto beans are beneficial to your heart, ” Kantor says. “The fiber binds to cholesterol and will keep it from being absorbed in the tum and increasing to harmful levels. ” Add some dark, kidney, fresa, navy, pinto or light beans to your next dinner for that further dose involving soluble fiber, in addition to folate, magnesium, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids as well as B-complex nutritional vitamins — just about all essential nutrients to maintain heart healthy and balanced.

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