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FACT: The Brain is a very wrinkly organ! If you spread it out, your brain would be about the size of a pillowcase. By the time you are six years old, your brain is already 90 percent of the size it will be when you are an adult

Upper Body Muscle Diagram

Some of the the chemotherapy drugs administered have unwanted effects that include tachycardia, or super fast heart rate. Trisenox, or arsenic trioxide, is employed to treat acute promyelocytic leukemia, after other chemotherapies are already ineffective, which could cause fast heart rate, notes ChemoCare. Rituxin, or Rituximap, is another the chemotherapy drug that can cause cardiotoxicity, which often manifests as irregular and/or fast heart rate, information the Oncology Channel. Additionally , excessive consumption of caffeine or alcohol might also cause quick heart rate, because can using tobacco, notes MayoClinic. com. Fun drugs such as marijuana can increase heartbeat by approximately 50 percent, with regards to the amount of THC, notes the Missouri Division of Mind Health. Cannabis is sometimes used medicinally by means of cancer individuals to overcome nausea and also vomiting.

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