Tarot Card Readers – Intuition and Insight

Tarot Card ReadersTarot card readers come in all shapes and sizes, all ethnicities and at all socio-economic levels. Anyone really can read Tarot cards. All it takes is a deck and the accompanying guide book and it can be sort of fun to play with. At this skill level, the best a reader can expect to provide is a very superficial interpretation of the cards but no true insight into how the cards relate to the client, or the one who asks the question. This level of reader can relay to the questioner what each card means according to the book, and the client is then the one who interprets how a particular card might be pertinent to their question.

The Seasoning of Tarot Card Readers

The true value in a Tarot card reading comes from the insight and experience offered by seasoned Tarot card readers. These folks have years and years of experience reading with their decks. They have read for thousands of people in many different venues. They have a strong internalized sense of the meaning of each Tarot card. This is not play to them. They take it seriously and aspire to provide true insight to their clients.

Tarot Card Reading as a Form of Art

Intuition is a key ingredient in addition to experience for these professional Tarot card readers. It is one thing to understand the meaning of each Tarot card in and of itself. It is something else entirely to truly grasp the meaning of each card as it relates to each other card in a particular spread. A reader who has developed this skill can provide a reading of intense depth and intimacy. This reader can paint a comprehensive picture of the client’s life, synthesizing all the parts into a whole. This is when a Tarot reading becomes a form of art.

Favorite Decks and Spreads

All Tarot card readers have their favorite decks and their favorite spreads, the ones they are the most comfortable with. This is just a matter of their personal preference and comfort level. Many readers will still allow the client to choose which spread they would like to work with.

Predicting the Future

Some Tarot card readers will want to use the tool to predict the future. They will state their interpretation of the cards as such, that the future of the client is clear. This attitude, however, can serve as a red flag in any reading whether psychic or Tarot. Free will dictates that the future is not clear and established, that a person’s choices and decisions determine the future, not fate. At any moment in time a person can make changes in their beliefs, behaviors and decisions and so impact the direction of their life.

Possibilities, Not Absolutes

What Tarot card readers can really convey are the potential outcomes a client could expect to experience based on the patterns currently running through one’s life. They can talk about possibilities but not absolutes. This is what makes a Tarot reading so empowering. It can offer insight into the past and the present and then present the possibilities about the future, allowing the questioner to own the power to influence the results they get to experience in their lives.

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