Psychic Ability and Intuition – The Difference?

Intuition to me feels wonderful. It’s an internal sense I become aware of that is an answer to a question I have been pondering. Sometimes I am very tuned in to my intuition and sometimes I am not. It seems to be related to taking time to be quiet and turn inward, away from all the […]

Psychic Development – Deepening Your Connection

For a fair number of people who are incredibly attuned to their inner self, their next stage of “evolution” is trying to speed up their psychic development. Psychic Abilities Naturally, psychic abilities differ from one person to the other. Some people have the power of: auric sight (power to see other people’s aura,) clairaudience (clear […]

Psychic Abilities Emerging Through Meditation

Verifying the hunch that you may have some symptoms of psychic abilities can be difficult. Finding someone who is receptive to the possibilities and doesn’t immediately judge the idea as crazy is ideal, but in this skeptical world, the response “okay, then prove it” might be the most likely one you will get. Common Symptoms […]