What is a Psychic?

A psychic is someone who is sensitive to information or phenomena that is outside of the sensory awareness of most people. So what does that look like? Most of us perceive information through our 5 physical senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. Most of us perceive sensory input similar to each other, within a […]

Psychic Ability and Intuition – The Difference?

Intuition┬áto me feels wonderful. It’s an internal sense I become aware of that is an answer to a question I have been pondering. Sometimes I am very tuned in to my intuition and sometimes I am not. It seems to be related to taking time to be quiet and turn inward, away from all the […]

Psychics And Mediums – How are they Different?

What exactly are psychics and mediums? What psychics and mediums are able to do is often misunderstood and confused. Pop culture most often takes their abilities and blends them into one. This can lead to much misconception and false information about psychics and mediums, what they are able to do with their gifts and which […]

Psychic Readings – Guidance, Insight, Peace of Mind

Psychic readings come in all shapes and sizes. The primary option used to be face to face sessions, but now your choices are almost infinite. You can get a live psychic reading via chat on the internet. You can have your reading conducted over the phone, through email, and even using webcam. It’s wonderful! The […]