The Sylvia Browne Psychic Feud

Sylvia Browne PsychicThe debate over whether or not Sylvia Browne is a true psychic has been an issue since her name first became synonymous with psychic readings and claims. A Sylvia Browne psychic claim was, and still is, sure to attract attention from psychic believers and no-believers alike.

James Randi

Detractors from Sylvia Browne claim that she’s nothing more than a glamorous scam artist. One such detractor, James Randi, has had an ongoing feud with not only Sylvia, but Sylvia Browne psychic followers and admirers as well. Randi believes that no one has psychic ability. Many who follow Sylvia Browne psychic predictions beg to differ. The main thrusts of Randi’s claims are that most Sylvia Browne psychic predictions turn out to be false.

Sylvia Browne Website and Books

The famous medium has a very popular Sylvia Browne psychic website, a user-friendly and approachable format that offers fans various readings, book offers, speaking schedules and other information, including her brief biography. Sylvia has authored what have become known to ardent fans as ‘Sylvia Browne psychic books’ and due to her popularity and ongoing curiosity about the field of parapsychology, many have reached the Best Seller lists.


Wide Range of Psychic Activities

Sylvia Browne’s psychic abilities include, but are not limited to, being able to see into the afterlife, astrology, prophecy and anything you want to know about paranormal activities or the field of parapsychology. The Sylvia Browne psychic phenomenon is not likely to end any time soon. In additional to the official website and regular, frequent television appearances and speaking engagements, Sylvia Browne also has a church called, ‘The Society of Novus Spiritus’, and her very own online talk show at Hay House radio. Both believers and non believers in Sylvia Browne psychic claims tune in weekly to see or hear the famous celebrity, and many don’t seem to care whether or not she’s the real deal or not.

Captivating Audiences

Sylvia Browne psychic predictions have gotten the famous celebrity into some hot water, but nevertheless, she still has her predictions from the year 2000 listed on her website. Many websites throughout the Internet post anti-Sylvia content, but just as many continue to support her. The bottom line is that every individual has the right to make up his or her own minds. People who don’t believe Sylvia Browne’s psychic predictions nevertheless continue to purchase her books, more for the entertainment value than for a scoop on the future. Sylvia Browne has charisma that has nothing to do with her claims of paranormal gifting. She’s an engaging speaker and entertains her audiences.

Curiosity About the Paranormal

Television shows on ghost hunters and Ghostbusters enthrall rapt audiences from around the globe. Psychics are shown helping law enforcement agencies solve crimes and find missing persons. Is there some truth to psychic ability? We may never know for sure, but one thing is certain. Sylvia Browne psychic enthusiasts will continue to follow her advice, buy her books and listen to her predictions. Why is it so important for us to know everything? For time immemorial, human beings have had what seems to be an incurable curiosity about the paranormal and psychic realms. Sylvia gives us exactly what we’re looking for.

Recent Health Issues

According to her website, Sylvia Browne suffered a heart attack in early 2011. No information is given yet about her prognosis and when or if she will resume her psychic activities. We wish her a full recovery.

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  1. i think that silia brown is kwl my brother always wants one of her books but i can never find one he like her and liked to watch her on tv that was dope he really believes her

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