How to Read the Celtic Cross Spread

Read Celtic CrossTarot readings done using the Celtic Cross spread are accomplished with ten cards laid out in the form of a cross, with a staff aligned beside it. In addition to being one of the most popular spreads used in tarot readings, it is also one of the most in-depth. It is best used when dealing with a specific question.

Once the Celtic Cross spread has been laid out, Tarot readings using this form can begin. The common interpretations are derived from the meanings below.

(Please click here to learn how to layout the Celtic Cross Spread.)

There are ten cards in this spread, and each one represents the following:

Card one: The Significator – your current state of mind, and your main concern.

Card two: The Crossing – for the good or not, it is what opposes or influences you.

Card three: Foundation – what brought on the situation, the origin of your question.

Card four: Recent past – what is behind you, past issues and events, things that just happened.

Card five: Crown – your current issues and what may come to be. The present.

Card six: The future – things that lie ahead of you, what may happen.

Card seven: Emotions – the state your emotions are in now.

Card eight: External forces – the influences of others around you.

Card nine: Hopes and desires – what you want the outcome of your question to be.

Card ten: The outcome – this is the result, the outcome of your question.

Variations Among Spreads and Readers

Some variation has evolved over time regarding the significance of each card in the laout. If you do any reading or research about this spread you will find that one reader might add an additional card as the Significator. This leads to changes in what each of the subsequent cards represents. As an example, card five may represent the recent past rather than the present. Trust that as a reader, you are in sync with your deck and your intention will determine the proper interpretation for each placement.

Entertainment or Serious?

Tarot readings are often used just for entertainment purposes, but for those who are seeking serious answers to the issues in their lives, this card spread can shed light on the situation. However, all answers given as a result of Tarot readings must be taken in stride and with the understanding that it can be changed by your own doing.

How to Read the Celtic Cross Spread

Watch this video to see a seasoned Tarot reader demonstrating a Celtic Cross Reading. Observe her style and presentation in addition to hearing her interpretation of the cards:
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Automated or Seasoned?

If you’re new to reading the Celtic Cross Spread and would like the opportunity to become more familiar with it for free, click here to be taken to an automated Tarot reading. Be sure to check out the available Tarot decks and books while you’re there.

But, if you’re interested in experiencing the depth of the spread with a seasoned reader, click here now. Besure to indicate you prefer the Celtic Cross spread. Enjoy!

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  1. I would like to do readings myself. Do you have any advice as to how to prepare a website and advertise my services?

  2. Fernando,
    I don’t have any quick advice, that’s for sure. Building a website and advertising your services can be time intensive and require quite a bit of skill. The easiest place to start is probably with a Blogger blog. Actually LiveJournal may be better since Blogger blogs are sometimes deleted for no apparent reason. So start by creating a blog and writing about the services you can provide. Then look for some forums on psychic readings and start interacting with people by answering their questions. You can put a link to your blog in your signature on the forums to start spreading the word about your services.

    That’s a starting point, anyway. Remember to believe in yourself!

    Best wishes, Meg

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