Psychic Ability Test: What Does it Really Measure?

Psychic AbilitySince the beginning of recorded human history, people worldwide have been fascinated by those perceived to have a psychic ability. Many cultures from all over the world have a long history of rich, traditional folklore with seers, witches, wizards, mediums, shamans, priests, and priestesses. All ancient societies had people who divined the future or interpreted signs, people who were believed to be capable of perceiving or manipulating extrasensory information.

Psychics as Consultants

The value of psychics in today’s society is still very high despite the advances in modern science and the answers that it provides. Many industries seek out those with psychic abilities, such as movies, television and book authors. Once a criminal case has exhausted all possible leads, for example, a psychic may be called in to consult as police and detectives search for more insight and clues.

Frauds and Scam Artists

People who claim to be psychics may be employed by clients who feel the need for answers or advice regarding their personal or professional lives. You should note, though, that not all who claim they are psychic are sincere or authentic. Some are scam artists and frauds who can bring their charm and cleverness to the surface in order to dupe vulnerable victims who are frightened or mourning. It’s simple for them to fake their psychic ability since their scam victims have little idea what to look for.

Psychic Ability Tests

Parapsychology describes the study of paranormal psychological phenomena and abilities. Psychic abilities can be divided into groups and then rated and compared in degree of strength. There is not any one prevalent psychic ability test. However, there are many ESP tests that try to measure the strength of particular ESP skills that people have.

Telepathic Abilities, ESP, Psychokinetic Powers

When you take a psychic ability test, you will be screened for telepathic abilities, ESP, or psychokinetic powers. Mental telepathy, the facility to read others’ thoughts, send them specific thoughts, or control other people’s minds, is also checked for in these parapsychology tests. Two or more people are requested to concentrate on various items, and high incidences of answers that coincide suggest the presence of telepathic ability. You have probably heard of telepathy before in popular culture and/or science fiction literature.

Clairvoyance, Precognition, Remote Viewing

Some extrasensory perception skills which can be tested for include clairvoyance, precognition, and remote viewing. Someone with the trait of clairvoyance will be able to learn about places or events in distant locations. If someone possesses the trait of precognition, he or she will be able to describe future events and places in advance. Remote viewing is a skill analogous to clairvoyance, and refers to someone able to visualize an event or place without needing to be in attendance physically.

Mind Over Matter

The second set of skills tested in the laboratory also concern psychic abilities. Such talents are literally “mind over matter.” Is it possible to alter the physical universe by using only your thoughts? Some individuals claim they actually have mastery over the local environment, power or fire.

Binaural Beats and Brain Entrainment

Just as science has developed some tools to measure psychic ability, it has also developed some tools to enhance certain abilities. ESP can be enhanced fairly effortlessly through the use of binaural beats and brain entrainment. Click here to learn how…

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