Can a Psychic Reading Help Today?

psychic readingWe have talked about reasons to get a psychic reading previously on this website. Let’s visit it briefly again.

Our world seems to be rapidly evolving. What was true one day may not be true the next. From climate to economy to personal rights. We’re in the midst of constant change at an accelerated rate. Even time itself seems to be speeding up. Does it seem that way to you too? There is scientific evidence that it is actually a real phenomena. Wow.

Lots of people are feeling unbalanced and chaotic and uncertain. So, hearing that more and more people are turning to a psychic reading as a source of guidance, grounding and clarity is not a surprise at all. If a psychic reading can give someone a sense of clarity in place of the uncertainty, it is truly a valuable resource.

A recent article by Diana Spechler in New York magazine tells us that even Wall Street barons are now turning to psychics for guidance:

Millionaires are very concerned about their money,” says the psychic Frank Andrews, offering a breakdown of his new and unexpected clientele. “The billionaires, on the other hand—they come just for fun.” Such is the insecurity of the average Wall Street baron as the market roller-coasters and protesters mass at their door: Bankers are turning to the spirit world for guidance—the clairvoyant reading as an algorithm of last resort.

“They want me to predict fluctuations in the market,” says Georgia Jean, who does readings at Quest Bookshop in midtown. “It’s a heavy responsibility.”

“They’re afraid,” says Lower East Side psychic Sorina Adivinadora. She adds, “I tell them to be careful.”

“Buy bonds” is what Andrews divines. “Or gold stock.” Known for his celebrity clients—Andrews advised Perry Ellis to become a designer, had his tarot deck shuffled by John Lennon, and once was a guest at the Dalai Lama’s birthday party…More at They See Rich People

While that’s kind of a fun article, even though some of it may be tongue in cheek, it does demonstrate that people from all walks of life benefit from the readings they get from psychics. Or at least they’re willing to entertain the possibility that they will receive some value that they have not been finding from any other source.

So these Wall Street folks are looking for psychic insight to protect their financial assets and those of their clients. Why else do people seek out a psychic reading?

Relationship Issues

You’re having a tough time in a relationship and want to know why and whether or not you should stick it out. Or, you’re single and really want to be in a loving, intimate relationship but can’t seem to meet anyone.

Career Issues

Should you take the job offer that is in front of you? Should you take the promotion that has been offered? Should you quit the “rat race” and strike out on your own?

Family Issues

You’re in the middle of a family crisis or situation and want to know the best way to deal with it. You’re hoping someone objective, with access to supernatural information, may be able to help unravel why the same pattern seems to crop up over and over.

Health Issues

Maybe you or a loved one has a health issue that no medical expert can get to the bottom of. We know that our health is greatly influenced by our emotions and our beliefs. It is possible a psychic can see something on another level that the rest of us don’t have access to.

Communication with a Deceased Loved One

You might have a desire to communicate with a loved one who has passed on. Maybe you feel like you have unfinished business or you have a question you really want answered, or you’d just like the comfort of feeling their energy once again.

Feeling Rudderless

There may also be those times in our lives when we feel just plain rudderless. We feel lost and don’t really have any direction or goals. A psychic maybe able to identify the reason for our “dis-ease” and help get us back on track.

That’s a short list of reasons it can be valuable to have a psychic reading. We’re learning that we don’t have to go it alone. There is guidance and insight and comfort available if we seek it out, and many many people are seeking it out.

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