Testing Your Psychic Powers

Psychic Powers

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Psychic abilities are believed to be latent in every one of us, or at least some people believe this to be true. People who are aware of psychic impressions and power are possibly just better attuned than the rest of us. Others disagree, claiming that very few people actually have psychic powers and it is clear whether they do or not. But what about those who fall somewhere in between and are not sure if they are psychically gifted or not? This is where psychic power tests can be useful.

Tuning Into Others

There are countless people, for instance, that know when a friend who has been out of touch is about to make an appearance. Or, they can feel there was “something just not quite right” about a particular person. These feelings are often proved justified.

Tuning Into Places

Maybe your senses are attuned to buildings and places. The atmosphere or energy of physical places can be picked up by all kinds of people. They might feel a sense of dread, or even a strong desire to leave the building or area because of the negative vibes it gives off.

Tests for Psychic Powers

Do occurrences such as these suggest that the person who experiences them is psychic? Maybe, maybe not. These abilities can easily be dismissed by those that don’t feel them, and even by those who do. But if you are blessed to have these types of sensations or even more overt indications of psychic ability, maybe it’s best to be sure. There are tests for psychic powers that are designed to highlight any psychic gifts that someone may have. If you’re looking for confirmation one way or another, that could be a place to start.

Where to Start?

You don’t have to start with guys in lab coats with wires, meters and clipboards and unless you’re making a scientific study to prove absolutely whether or not you’re psychic, you’ll never have to go there. But there are online tests for psychic powers and many of them are free. It makes sense to start there.

The Zener Test

One of the more popular tests online, is the Zener Test, since it adapts so well for use on the internet. The Zener Test (sometimes spelled Zenner) is a card recognition system that was designed to affirm the existence of telepathic communication and ESP. The cards were created by J.B Rhine and named after Karl Zener, his colleague. The cards consist of 5 sets of 5 cards, with circles, wavy lines, squares, crosses and stars. Most people have probably seen these cards at some time or another and easily recognize them.

Seeing the Hidden Card

The rating system with the Zener Test consists of a) no psychic ability, b) some psychic ability and c) significant psychic ability. A rating is assigned once you have made your prediction of which symbol is displayed on a card that is hidden from view. You choose from the possibilities shown on the screen, click your choice, and try to predict the next card. After numerous repetitions to rule out chance, your rating will appear.

You may want to research other tests for psychic powers if you’re really serious about knowing for sure what the extent of your abilities is. For those whose psychic abilities do not seem to fall into the category of ESP but are powerful nonetheless, other possibilities exist.

Psychic Development

They could consider taking some psychic development courses on their own or under the tutelage of a seasoned psychic. These would allow the student to practice psychic readings, actually reading others’ energy and reporting what they find. The subject of the reading can then confirm whether the information makes sense or not. Although subjective, it might the best way to confirm the existence of a psychic power that otherwise can’t yet be measured.

There are psychic development courses available for those interested in nurturing their psychic abilities. Click here to check out one of the best. Improved psychic skills are very close at hand.

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  1. hi. my name is Ali and I have done a loot of research on this subject. since I was five I had some sort of abillity now that I am 11 I can read minds, sence others emotions, talk to animals and understand them,see and talk to spirits, and see auras.
    can anyone help me cause I am scared.

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