Psychic Jobs – Making Money With My Psychic Abilities

Psychic JobsWhen it comes to psychic abilities, there are many dynamics to consider because there are so many variations. Whether certain abilities lend themselves to psychic jobs creates another level of complexity. Learn here about various psychic gifts and some related job opportunities.

Auric Sight

Some gifted people have auric sight or the ability to see and understand the changes in another person’s aura. In some cases, people with auric sight also have the psychometric abilities or the power to perceive information by touching an object that belongs to another. There are those who have clairaudience, clairempathy and clairvoyance or the ability of clearly hear, feel emotion and see insights into another person’s future, respectively.

Telepathy and Psychokinesis

Some psychics have telepathic powers, able to communicate with others via thoughts, and some psychics are even known to be powerful enough that they can influence and sway other people’s ideas. But some of the most amazing psychic abilities of all are the power to heal (psychic healing) and the power to move any object with the mind (psychokinesis.)

Psychic Jobs

Although there are purists who claim that it is not fair to charge fees when using your psychic abilities, psychic readings are so much in demand now that it is also not fair to discourage gifted people from tapping into this resource. However, despite the popular misconception, psychic jobs are not relegated to simple card reading or clairvoyance/psychometry using playing cards or Tarot cards as the basis – though admittedly, this is the most popular form of psychic job both in the virtual and non-virtual market.

Tarot Card and Other Object Reading

As an aside, card or object readings depend a lot on the skill of the psychic and what the client wants to gain from the exchange. Some clients want to know about their past lives. Others wish to know what the cards spell out for the future. And there are those who want to know the significance of a certain series of events that has happened, or even about the dreams that they are getting. Tarot card or object reading is popular in almost all marketing areas: from face-to-face reading, to online reading and even phone readings.

Missing Persons

Another form of psychic job is finding missing persons or lost objects. This type of skill is rather controversial and very few psychics really advertise their expertise in this field. Nonetheless, there are gifted souls who have successfully done so in the past and made a good enough income trying to point people into the right direction.

Psychic Healers

Undeniably, law enforcement departments also seek out these psychics when dealing with difficult cases of abduction, kidnapping, and missing persons. If controversy is the issue, psychic healing is also on the list. Some people would call this spiritual healing while others prefer to call it as a more specific form, such as Reiki. Whatever you want to call it, there are people with the ability to tune into another’s physical body and intuit it’s state of health. Some psychic healers also have the ability to determine the origin of an illness or disease and identify steps to be taken that lead to healing. This last practice works in conjunction with the belief that all disease develops from unresolved emotions and life issues.

Online Psychics

These days, it seems like the real opportunity is in providing psychic services provided over the internet. Online psychics perform pretty much the same function as a reader would meeting with a client face to face. They offer psychic readings by tuning into a client’s energy field, utilizing their skills of clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc. They can also provide a complete astrology reading, a Tarot card reading, and any other type using a tool of divination.

Make Money With Your Psychic Abilities

People in general are flocking to the internet in search of psychic consultations, finding them extremely convenient and easy to schedule. There is a huge demand for genuine psychics to meet the needs of all these customers, which means psychic jobs are readily available. Anyone with true psychic ability who is good with people can easily find work as a phone psychic. If this is something you’re interested in, click here to start making money with your psychic abilities right now!

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