Psychic Abilities Emerging Through Meditation

Psychic AbilitiesVerifying the hunch that you may have some symptoms of psychic abilities can be difficult. Finding someone who is receptive to the possibilities and doesn’t immediately judge the idea as crazy is ideal, but in this skeptical world, the response “okay, then prove it” might be the most likely one you will get.

Common Symptoms of Psychic Abilities

Some symptoms or experiences that may indicate you have psychic abilities can include “knowing,” “seeing,” “hearing,” or “feeling” something for which there is no physical explanation. Some symptoms of psychic abilities are pretty common, like knowing who is calling on the phone before you answer or feeling negative energy (vibes) from a person or a place.

More Symptoms of Psychic Abilities

Less common symptoms could be waking up in the middle of the nights knowing something bad has happened or is going to happen; seeing an image or event in your mind’s eye that you can later confirm actually occured; acutely experiencing what someone else is feeling emotionally without exchanging words about it. And there are many more possibile symptoms, each unique to the person who experiences them.

No Scientific Proof

A test that can show hard physical proof of the existence of psychic phenomena has been the goal of many researchers for years. But as the psychic realm involves feelings, intuition and energy that can’t be physically measured, it will probably take a few years yet. So, without scientific proof of your abilities, you’ll have to rely on trusting yourself to know the truth.

Psychic Awareness

The practice of meditation is one that will help you to enhance any psychic abilities you may have and bring them into the open. This, in turn, may give you a better knowledge of your gifts and yourself. Psychic awareness is not something that most psychics can just turn on as you would a light switch. It takes a process of focusing to get to the right mental state. The majority of psychics use meditation or trance as the means to get them there.

Quest for a Trance State

If you have never meditated before, it is not just a matter of snatching a few minutes of quiet in between tasks to reach the level of focus you are looking for. Those who have meditated for years can do that, but it takes a while to reach that stage. For the most part, you can expect dedicate time, attention and discipline to your quest to reach a meditative or trance state.

Here are some guidelines.

1st Stage Of MeditationPsychic Abilities

Arrange Time for Solitude

When you can set aside some time, turn the phones off and find yourself a room where you feel safe and comfortable.

Sit Comfortably

Ensure that you find a place to sit that enables you to rest your head and arms in comfort. You may be sitting for a while, so make sure its soft to sit on, you are not in a draft, and you have a wrap nearby in case you get cold.

Release Tension

Allow your whole body to flop as though you are unconscious or asleep. With your head resting comfortably on the back of the chair, make a conscious effort to release any tension in your face, your jaw, your shoulders and thighs. Close your eyes; take long, deep breaths and breathe out the tensions of the day as you become heavier in the chair.

2nd Stage of Meditation

Become Aware of Your Breathing

Draw your breaths in through your nose for a count of four, and back out through your mouth for a count of four. Listen to the way your breathing sounds in your head. If you focus, you can hear the breath as it rushes into your lungs.

Envision Golden Light

Imagine the air surrounding you is bathed in gold, and this beautiful golden light rushes in through your nose as you take your long, deep breaths. Picture that golden aura being drawn into your lungs, like a swirling and healing golden mist. Release the breath through your mouth to mingle in the mist of gold that surrounds you.


If at any point your mind starts to become aware of the world, bring it back to your breathing, that is the only world there is right now, and that is where you need to focus while you relax more and more.

Good Vibrations

There comes a point in a meditative state that psychics believe is when they are most receptive to whatever their psychic gifts may be. They describe the feeling they get all around them as “psychic vibrations,” and it is this feeling that the meditative state is leading to.

As you practice the art of meditation more often, not only will you become more relaxed and less tense as a person, but your ability to become attuned to the patterns or your symptoms of psychic abilities will become easier and quicker. Any gifts you may be lucky enough to have will grow stronger.

Meditation Aids

There are now a number of excellent audio technologies that can faciliate the process from experiencing symptoms of psychic abilities to understanding and nurturing them through meditation. One of these is the use of binaurl beats or brain entrainment. This is a technology that is integrated into a soundtrack and assists in bringing the listener into a deeper state. Click here to learn more about this technology and how it can also enhance your ESP and psychic abilities.

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