Meaning Of Each Tarot Card: Secrets Revealed

Meaning of Each Tarot CardIn every life there comes a time to move on and to make decisions for change, so we have to ask ourselves where is it that we want to go. These life changes involve major decisions about career, relationships, and finances. Is this new job the one where I’ll be able to build a career? Should I marry this person now or wait until I’ve gotten to know myself better? Is it a good time for me to purchase a new vehicle or will I live to regret it?

Psychics, Astrologers, Tarot Card Readers

We also look to psychics, astrologers, and Tarot card readers. It is believed that these people can look into our futures, by looking at the current patterns in our lives. They can help us by giving us insight, and may help suggest ways we can deal with difficult situations.

Introduction to Tarot Cards

This article is an introduction to Tarot cards. It gives the basic meaning of each Tarot card, which will aid you in understanding the Tarot card reading and how it fits with your life changes. The richness of a Tarot reading happens when a seasoned, gifted reader has developed an integrated sense of what each card symbolizes, which goes many layers deep. She or he is then able to articulate the meaning of the card as it interconnects with the other cards in a particular spread.


Tarot Card Deck

Most of us are familiar with the future-telling Tarot card. But not all of us are aware of the rich historical and magical meaning of each Tarot card. The Tarot is an ornate deck of cards usually adorned with symbols (such as stars and crosses) and images (water, trees, maidens), and is broken down as what is referred to as the Major Arcana and four suits of cards (wands, cups, swords, pentacles). Every individual card possesses its own meaning, and a series of cards with their individual meanings makes up a unique story for each Tarot reading.

The Fool, Magician, High Priestess, Empress and Emperor

In the Tarot deck, the “Fool” card indicates someone who is not truly aware; the “Magician” indicates someone of great talent. The “High Priestess” indicates someone who is both wise and in possession of intuition. The “Empress” rules over the triad of birth, death, and re-birth, while the “Emperor” is the symbol of control in the world.

The Pope, Hermit, Sun, Moon and Star

The “Pope” indicates someone who lives by rituals and beliefs. The “Lovers” represent love; the “Chariot” is the symbol of struggle; and “Strength” speaks for itself. The “Hermit” is one who is a soul-searcher; the “Sun” indicates contentment; and finally, the “Moon” is a feminine, seductive symbol. The ‘Star’ in the Tarot deck symbolizes positive thinking, optimism and hope.

Swords, Cups, Wands, Pentacles

The ‘Swords’ is another abstract symbol which is used to predict suffering and mental challenges. There are a variety of other symbols that tell what is coming in a persons life. For example, the ‘Cups’ foretell of changes to the emotional life. If you were to see the ‘Wands’ card appear it would represent changes in your career. ‘Pentacles’ would represent money and other material goods.

Justice, Death and the Hanged Man

The card of ‘Justice’ stands for justice while the card of ‘Death’ stands for the ‘spiritual/mental death’. Self sacrifice is shown by the ‘Hanged Man’.

The Tower, Temperance, Judgement and the World

The ‘Tower’ symbolizes a sudden change. Balance and harmony are represented by the card of ‘Temperance’. ‘Judgment’ stands for introspection. All these cards lead to the card of the ‘World’.

Learning to Read the Tarot Cards

We have finished examining the meaning of each Tarot card. The next thing to do is learn how to read Tarot cards. This is an ever-evolving quest of mastering the art and skill of Tarot card reading. You should be studious, patient, and have a sharp intuition. The reading’s depth and value is directly dependent on the level of skill of the reader.

Where to Start

There are a number of good places to begin a quest to learn to read Tarot cards. One is to have a reading with a seasoned reader to get a glimpse of the possible. Another is to purchase a Tarot deck and accompanying book and begin some hands on practice. And a third is to check out a free automated Tarot card reading on the internet to increase your familiarity with the whole realm of the Tarot.

For a reading with a seasoned reader, click here now. You’ll learn about yourself in the process of learning what the Tarot cards mean. Have fun!

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