The Symbolism of a Love Tarot Reading

love-tarot-readingOne of life’s biggest challenges can be finding that one true love and staying with them. We have all probably felt like we were in love with someone, only to later find out that it actually was not love, or that the love we had experienced was dying. In these situations, we often need guidance in order to make the best possible choice. Should we move on to someone else? Is it a good time to simply be alone and find out more about ourselves? Or should we fight tooth and nail to make the relationship work? One way to get some answers is through a love tarot reading.

The tarot has symbolism that can help us uncover our own inner wisdom, helping us to make our own decisions according to the dictates of our spirit. If you have ever thought about these questions about love, this article will show you why a love tarot reading could help you.


The tarot has symbolism that represents archetypes of the human condition. These archetypes, first explained by the great Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung, are concepts or images that are common to all people, and that we all could come in contact with at sometime in our lives. In a love tarot reading you would come face to face with one or more of these archetypes, and have the opportunity to contemplate them.

The Hermit Symbolism

This contemplation allows the images to come to life in your mind and soul, helping you to make your own decision about your love life. For example, once, when I was wondering about whether I should start dating again after I broke up with a long term partner, I decided to get a love tarot reading. The key card in my reading was the Hermit. This card can symbolize many things, but in the context of my love tarot reading it suggested to me that I should take as much time as I needed to simply be by myself. This turned out to be excellent advice for me at the time.

Improving Your Relationships

Another advantage of a love tarot reading is that it can help you learn how you need to grow in order to maintain a positive relationship. For example, maybe you are in a happy relationship but want to take it to the next level. A love tarot reading can help you learn how to do this.

The Hierophant Insights

Let us say that in your love tarot reading a key card for you is the Hierophant. This can, as all tarot cards can, mean different things in various contexts. But, say, in the context of your love tarot reading it is symbolizing a commitment to the needs of others. You might interpret this as a sign that you need to be more generous to your partner for a time, or that maybe you both need to give more in service of the other. These types of insights are common with tarot readings and it is always your right and responsibility to interpret the reading in the context of your relationship.

Finding Answers

If you have questions about your relationship and want to find those answers that you know are deep inside of your mind and spirit, a love tarot reading might be something that can help you. Why wait? Take advantage of the archetypal wisdom represented in these powerful cards. Click here right now to experience your love tarot reading.

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