Psychic Ability and Intuition – The Difference?

Intuition to me feels wonderful. It’s an internal sense I become aware of that is an answer to a question I have been pondering. Sometimes I am very tuned in to my intuition and sometimes I am not. It seems to be related to taking time to be quiet and turn inward, away from all the outside activity, and giving myself some space to just be. It is at those times that I just know what the best direction to take is.

Intuition also comes in the form of gut instincts. These are the kinds of nudges or warnings we feel sometimes about taking an action or not taking an action.

So what is the difference between intuition and psychic ability? I think of my intuition as being between me and my higher self, or source. It is guidance about me and for me.  But if I have all this intuition available to me, in what way would a psychic be of value to me?

Listen to what Echo Bodine, an acclaimed psychic, teacher and ghost buster says about intuition and psychic abilities:

Psychic abilities include clairvoyance—the gift of sight, clairaudience—the gift of hearing, and clairgustance—the gift of smell which are all located in the mind. The last one, clairsentience—the gift of sensing, is in the body. There’s a subtle difference between the sensing in psychic abilities and knowing in intuition.

What I want to do with this movement is bring clarity to people so that they can learn to distinguish their Intuition from the other voices we carry inside such as our parents, teachers, society and significant others. These can sometimes fool us into thinking we are being guided by intuition, but the one key word that helps us distinguish between those voices and the still small voice within is should. Whenever we find ourselves making decisions based on should, we are not using intuition. Oftentimes, intuition is a calm knowing not based on fact or practicality; it can go against our logical mind and to make matters worse, it never explains why we are being guided to do something. We just need to trust that the outcome is perfect for us. That’s the hard part for most people, trusting ourselves without following logic….More at Trust the Voice Within

On her blog, Echo Bodine wrote more in one of her posts about psychic readings and intuition. Read this:

What got me going on all of this is thinking about psychic readings and the questions people ask. So often they simply need to go within for the answers, but they go to a psychic instead. Some examples are the guy who wanted to a reading to find out what kind of car to buy. The woman who wanted to move, but didn’t know where , the man who found out he had cancer all over his body and wanted to know what to do, the teen ager who wanted to know what college to go to.

All of those questions can be answered with intuition but people don’t think to turn to their inner voice for these kinds of answers. I understand the man that has cancer because that is a very emotional issue but intuition will guide him with his treatment and the best decisions for his life’s plan also.

I worry that answering these questions will keep people from developing a relationship with their inner voice so I’ve been getting tougher with people. Saying no to the readings and guiding them to their gut. More at Intuition: The Coolest Thing We’ve Got Going

The difference between psychic ability and intuition?

Intuition is inner focused while psychic abilities are more externally focused. Intuition is our own guidance for ourselves, from within ourselves. Psychic abilities, while often experienced internally, offer the psychic extra sensory information about the person or event they are tuned into.

Is the information a psychic receives about us synchronous with our own intuition? Maybe, or maybe not? At least in the examples Echo gave in her article, she seems to believe that we have inner access to a lot of guidance and answers if we listen for it.

So when would it be helpful to seek a psychic reading?

Good question. Since many people are simply not aware that they have access to inner guidance, a psychic reading could be helpful to them in any situation they’re feeling a need for guidance. For those who are aware of and aligned with their intuition, a really complex or a highly emotional situation might benefit from the input of a psychic, since it’s harder to wade through all the issues at those times. Also, we can learn so much through psychic readings that we may never discover on our own if we don’t happen upon the questions somehow.

I did pose the question to Echo on her blog, to get a professional psychic’s perspective. This is the comment I left: “So, I’m curious…In light of the power of our intuition, especially when we learn to listen, what kinds of questions would be appropriate for a psychic reading? Would there be a role for psychics if everyone listened to and followed their intuition?”

I hope she replies, and I’ll post it if she does. In the meantime, tell us what you think…

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