Fun Psychic Games

Psychic GamesHave you ever played psychic games at an arcade and wondered whether there was anything “real” about them? Or maybe you’ve seen some in a newspaper or magazine? What you may not have known is that there is a huge variety of free psychic games on the internet which you can play anytime day or night.

Guess the Card Psychic Game

One of the most famous tricks psychics and mind-reading magicians try out on people is the old “guess the card” trick, where they tell you which card you picked. This is a classic psychic game because the set-up is so easy that it can be performed anywhere a deck of cards is available.

Anywhere, it turns out, includes the internet. A version of this classic card trick has become one of the most popular online psychic games. Like some versions of the real-life game, you will be prompted to select a card from a few options, to write down your answer, and to keep it hidden. Then you’ll be asked to think about the answer, while a psychic decides which card you’ve picked.

Unlike most psychic games, the solution here is pretty obvious. When you click to go to the next page, a new set of cards will be shown, and miraculously, the one you’ve picked will be missing! Does that mean the psychic was right? No. The key to this psychic game isn’t psychic ability, but your own poor memory. All of the cards have been changed so that, no matter what card you pick, that card isn’t shown in the new set. This is less of a psychic game than a memory game. But it seems cool before you figure out the trick!

Three Predictions Psychic Game

The Three Predictions psychic game will present you with a set of numbers paired up with letters. You start by thinking of a number between 1 and 10. Then you are supposed to do a little bit of math. You’ll end up with a number and find the letter it is paired with. You are then asked to name a country using that letter. Next you’ll use the last letter of the country as the first letter of a fruit, and then last letter of the fruit as the first letter of an animal.

This one gets me every time I go back and try again! The math part always ends up with the same final answer, so the name of a country always starts with the same letter. The name of the animal then always starts with the same letter and so does the name of the fruit, no matter which number you started with originally. These letters are unique enough that almost everybody will give the same answers and the psychic will be right every time!

Ask a Psychic a QuestionPsychic Games

No doubt the most popular psychic game is the fortune teller, where you get to ask the computer psychic a question and receive an instant answer. The genius of this psychic game is that you’ll never know whether the fortune is accurate or not for some time, if you ever know, so you can’t be sure whether it’s accurate or not.

Here’s an example: asking “Will I make one million dollars?” resulted in the response “Yes!”, which seems like a great fortune. Unfortunately, by the time this comes true, this poor psychic game will be long forgotten. With these kinds of open-ended psychic games, it’s impossible to say whether there is any real act of prediction going on because the events they predict are so open-ended. If the psychic game says you’ll have a good life, does that really mean anything?

Is There Anything Psychic About Psychic Games?

Just like countless board walks and tourist streets, the internet is full of fun and playful psychic games. Whether there’s anything actually psychic about them is pretty obvious. There isn’t, but it sure is fun to figure out the catch. One prediction that is certain, if you like puzzles at all, you’ll enjoy these kinds of psychic games.

Free tarot readings are another automated psychic experience available on the internet. You select the Tarot deck you’d like to use, you choose the spread and then think of your question. Once ready, you click submit and your interpretation will be presented. Now this experience is really nothing like actual Tarot psychic readings, but if you enjoy psychic games, you may like this as well. Click here to try it out!

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