Is a Free Psychic Reading Worth a Try?

Free Psychic ReadingDoes an advertisement for a free psychic reading sound too good to be true? Maybe it will help if you understand what a free psychic reading is and what you can expect from one. That way you can more easily decide whether you’re interested and whether it is worth your time or not.

What Can You Expect From A Free Psychic Reading?

It might be best if you start with the understanding that a free psychic reading is not the same as full psychic readings. Generally speaking, a free reading is typically just a taste of the type and quality of services you can expect from this particular psychic or the company that she or he works for.

Is it a Good Fit?

While the information that you receive may not be as valuable as a complete reading, a free reading can serve the purpose of helping you to determine if this particular psychic or service is a good fit for you. It might even help you decide if you’re interested in receiving full paid psychic readings at all.

Start with Free Minutes?

Generally speaking, the free reading will probably be short, with maybe a nugget or two of new information, but not a whole lot of deeper insight. If you are using a psychic phone service, your reading may start with a certain number of free minutes and then continue into a longer paid, and more indepth reading. Before you begin even the free portion, be sure there will be a notification of some kind that the free minutes are up and you are moving into the paid part. That way you can decide whether or not you want to continue.

Free Psychic Question?

There are also psychic services set up for you to ask a free psychic question. These can take place over the phone or via email, and usually start out with you typing your question into a box on the webpage. If you’re just looking for the answer to one question, this could be exactly what you need.

The Pro’s and Con’s of Free Psychic Readings

With a free psychic reading you typically are not going to receive the same length (or depth) of information that you would from a full-length psychic reading. This doesn’t mean that the information is no good! It’s simply meant to be seen as a chance for you to learn what psychic readings are like, to get a sense of the accuracy of the reader, and to decide if you feel some connection with the person and would like to continue.

On the upside – it’s free! No charges and no obligations, which means that you really have nothing to lose, except maybe a little bit of time.

Where Do You Find a Free Psychic Reading?

This is a tricky question because, in reality, you can find free psychic readings advertised all over the place, especially on the internet. The question is, of course, how reputable is the company that is offering the promotion?

Reputable Websites

While fly-by-night companies tend to crop up no matter where you look, there are plenty of reputable websites that offer free psychic readings in order to introduce you to the kinds (and quality) of services that they have to offer.

Why Not Try it Out?

Regardless of where you get your free reading from, keep in mind that you don’t have to follow through on any offers made by the service or psychic that you talk with. If you do not wish to use any of their paid services, simply decline any offers they make, and you will be under no further obligation. Armed with this knowledge, why not try it out? You might be more than pleasantly surprised!

Recommended Services for a Free Psychic Reading

There are a couple services we recommend for a free sample reading. First decide whether or not you prefer to talk on the phone or to receive an email. You can even try both.

If you prefer to start with a reading over the phone, call 1-888-934-3777 or click here for your free phone psychic reading. (Type in your question and then follow the directions to receive your reading.)

But, if you think you would prefer to receive a reading by email, click here for your free email psychic reading. In either case, enjoy the experience! Then come back and tell us how it went…

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  1. Porscha says:

    please help me im desperate i lost my camera yesterday and im devastated i have no idea were i lost it

  2. Elizabeth says:

    There is someone I used to be close with and is very important to me and I miss her and my relationship with her a great deal. My name as I said is Elizabeth DOB 1/25/68 and her name is Margaret DOB 1/2/47. We have been estranged for almost 2 years now and I told someone she works with and I told my friend Sandra who knows her and about my feelings and concerns and am hoping one of them will help Margaret and I bridge the cap. I feel she believe things about me that are not true and I want to know if you see someone stepping in to help bring her and I back together to work this out and when, if so will it happen.

  3. Porscha, I recommend you take your question and type it into the “Ask a Free Question” box in the top right sidebar. That will put you in touch with a professional psychic and will hopefully help you locate your camera. Best wishes. Meg

  4. does my dead grandfather have a message for me or my mom

  5. Lamaya,
    I recommend you pose your question in the “Ask an Expert” section of this website. You’ll be connect with a professional psychic who can get you started finding your answer.

  6. please could you tell me why my spirit guide touches my hair and face but wont talk to me

  7. I just want to know if my friend likes me, and if she wants to marry me, can you help me on this thank you.

  8. What is being said behind my back, is it negative or positive.

  9. angie dabrowski says:

    i lost my best friend diane fallon and her daughter holly to murder this year and i would love a message from them please

  10. When I’m I going to become pregnant ?

  11. I would like to know if my dad who passed away 9 days ago has a message for me?

  12. Christine says:

    i always feel depressed??
    will anything good come to me this year
    please help.
    i cant afford to pay for anything like phone chats

  13. stacy white says:

    Will I get a job before my unemployment run out.will my ex john come back to me

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