1. Would you truthfully say free psychic readings are as good as paid ones? I often think the medium will give less effort if there is no cash incentive.

  2. Hi — Good question. Truthfully I’d say the quality of the free reading, whether by email or phone, depends on the psychic reader.

    The intention of the free readings is to attract clients to paid readings. If their experience is good with the free question or reading, the client is much more likely to choose a paid reading then or at some time in the future. It is honestly in the psychic reader’s best interests to provide a good quality reading. That’s the best way to attract and keep clients.

    On the other side of that is the length of a free reading. While a psychic can give her or his best effort in the time allotted to the free reading, it’s tough to give a whole lot in the 3 or 5 minutes available for free. So the quality probably won’t be as good because it can’t be as in depth as a longer paid reading.

    That said, a free reading can be both fun and valuable, but probably not life changing.


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