Laying Out the Celtic Cross Spread

Celtic Cross Spread

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One of the most in-depth tarot readings that can be done, either by you or a professional, is the Celtic Cross Spread. This particular spread is also one of the most popular spreads used in tarot readings today. It is especially effective when someone is dealing with a specific question, as it covers all aspects of the issue at hand.

Split the Deck into Three Piles

To do a Celtic Cross spread, shuffle the cards while thinking of your question. When you feel you are ready, split the deck into three piles with your left hand. Place the first one to your left, then the next one to the right of the first pile, and so on. Next, still using your left hand, take the pile on your right and place it on top of the middle pile, then place the middle pile on top of the last one. Now you are ready to begin your tarot card spread.

Laying Out the Cards

With your left hand lay down the first card, the second card will then be placed sideways across half of the first card.

Card number three will go beneath card number two, and the forth card will be placed to the left of card number one.

The fifth card goes above the first card, and then the sixth card is placed to the right of the first card.

Final Four Cards

To complete the cross, you will need to lay down the final four cards in a row on the right side of the cross. Lay down the seventh card, with the eight above that, then the ninth above that, and finally the tenth should be in line with card number five.

The Reading Begins

Tarot readings begin once this spread has been laid out, and a specific interpretation is assigned to each of the ten cards. This spread may seem complicated, and will more than likely lead to some confusion at first, but the more often you work with the spread, the easier it gets.

Demonstration of the Celtic Cross Spread

Watch this video to observe a Tarot reader as he lays out the Celtic Cross Spread:
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Click here now to engage in a Tarot reading with a seasoned, live reader using the Celtic Cross Spread. The benefits of learning from a professional are priceless.

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